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IDU Single-Rack Micro Data Center 
The product of IDU micro data center is a new generation of alternative solution to small IT room. With complete integration of fire,monitoring system, power supply, cooling system and cabinets containment, IDU can used for IT equipment storage in 'Edge-of-Cloud' applications.
The market for micro data center or edge data center solutions is booming with edge deployments accroding to Omdia.The forward-looking enterprises have realized that the intelligent single-Cabinet IT room (micro data center) with high reliability and availability is the future trend from the perspectives of both current short-term investment and future long-term operating costs.

IDU micro data center can be used in the application that the cabinet is within 10 and total load is less than 40kVA.Usually, we give solution according to customer’s requirement. Normally, there are three forms of selection: single cabinet series, dual rack series, and multi-cabinet series(For information on these topic, see Multi-rack Micro Data Center page).  KSTAR has been considered the only one manufacturer who can supply all of the subsystem, including UPS,Cooling, battery, cabinet, power distribution and monitor system. More information pls e-mail: sales@kstar.com
General Features

● Quick Deployment

Modularization component, standardization interface, factory pre-assembled, quick installtion on site

● Energy-efficient

Modular UPS, precision cooling, closed aisle

Hot aisles and cold aisles are isolated to lower PUE to 1.3.

● Cost-effective

Low design cost, low project cost, low maintenance cost

● One-stop Service

Total solution package including key sub-system equipment, installation and after-sale service

● High safety

Unique pop-up door components and rack-type auxiliary fire-fighting components are optional, which improves the operation and maintenance safety of the unit;


Technical Specification
Specifications Description IDU-03AN IDU-06AN
Structural dimensions
External Dimensions
( W×D× H ) mm
Available space - U 21 20
UPS capacity - Kva 3 6
Rated cooling
capacity - kW
Input voltage - V 220
Input phase - Ph 1
Input frequency - Hz 50 / 60 
Cable Acess Up / down inlet 
Battery Backup time - min 15
Emergency v
entilation system
Fire extinguish Optional 
Monitoring systems
Local display 10’ touch screen 
Temperature & humidity sensor Yes 
Smoke Sensor Yes 
Leakage Detection Yes 
UPS Yes 
Intelligent power
distribution monitoring
Precision Air conditioning Yes