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Block-Chain Data Center Container  

Kstar DATA FORTRESS Container Solution enables your critical equipments operations portable while boosting efficiency. Responding to high computing power and low PUE requirements, it has unique advantages for high computing power cluster equipment, and has strong environmental tolerance. 

The box(normally 20ft or 40ft)integrates power distribution, cooling, rack, monitoring, and fire protection systems, and is prefabricated in the factory to achieve rapid deployment or capacity expansion in a short time. These mining containers can be built in weeks and delivered worldwide. 

They can also be used for high performance computing,block-chain computing and edge computing applications. 

General Features

IPX4 Resistance Container Structure

 These containers can be easily transported to regions with abundant energy and cheap electricity prices.The blinds on both sides are designed to be automatically open/closed according to the inside/outside emperature and humidity.

Natural Air Cooling, Energy-Saving

 The natural cold air enters the sealed cold aisle through the wall shaped air filter, and after heat exchange with the equipment, the hot air flows out of the cabinet through the back plate mesh to achieve cold and heat exchange, and the system PUE value can be reduced to less than 1.05. 

High Load Carrying Capacity, Precision Power Distribution

 The power distribution capacity of a single cabinet can be up to 1.5 MW. The power distribution unit is assembled as a modular, which is convenient to apply and flexible when expansion is needed.  

Intelligent Monitring System,Support Remote Management 

 Integrated access control system, video system, infrared detection, temperature and humidity detection, water-leak detection, differential air pressure detection (for filter clogging monitoring), smoke detection and fire alarm (sound and light alarm) and other monitoring equipment, allowing you to monitor the interior real-time environment; 

 It also support real-time display of PUE. 

Technical Specification  

Container structure
Container size (LXWXH) mm 12192X2438X2896 (40FT)
12192X3000X3500 (40FT)
6096X2438X2896 (20FT) 6096X3000X3500 (20FT)
Wall Controllable Blinds Thermal insulation galvanized steel sheet
Rack system Customized rack Liquid cooling pool
Power distribution system
Total power distribution capacity (kW) 1500 (40FT) 100 (40FT)
Power distribution architecture Single-channel mains power supply,independent outdoor distribution box,integrated PDU inside the box Mains, diesel engine dual power supply, independent 2N power supply structure,integrated HVDC, battery, power distribution cabinet in the box
UPS system The monitoring system supplies power to the UPS UPS/HVDC+ battery
Cooling System
Cooling method Naturally cooled by air Submerged liquid cooling
Hot and cold aisle Cold aisle/hot aisle isolation Liquid cooling pool
Surveillance system
Monitoring and management The monitoring host can realize the monitoring of internal power distribution, environment,access control, video, blinds, fire protection, etc., support sound and light, email alarm methods,and support remote monitoring
Environmental monitoring Integrate intelligent access control system,video system,infrared detection, temperature and humidity detection, water leakage detection, internal and external air pressure difference detection (used for filter blockage alarm), smoke detection and fire alarm, sound and light alarm and other monitoring equipment to monitor the internal environment in realtime. Integrate intelligent access control system,video system, temperature and humidity detection, water leakage detection, smoke and fire alarm, sound and light alarm and other monitoring equipment to monitor the internal environment in realtime.
Access control system Support swipe card + password + fingerprint three-in-one access control system, optional facial recognition
Fire Fighting System
Fire extinguishing system The automatic fire fighting system automatically controls the release of fire-extinguishing gas through the fire-fighting linkage, supports sound and light alarm, gas release alarm, and able to turn on manually when emergency.
Fire extinguishing gas FM200/NOVEC1230 optional
Weight of the Container (kg) 4000 (20FT) 5000 (20FT)
9500 (40FT) 11000 (40FT)
Container Transportation Compliance CCS
Core components in the container UL,CE