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KSTAR establishes subsidiary in Vietnam

 KSTAR has announced the establishment of a wholly-owned Vietnamese subsidiary in the country’s Haiphong City. The first phase of construction of the KSTAR industrial park will be completed in June 2022, across two plots over an area of 47,715 square metres, with work on the second phase due to commence in 2024, at an overall investment of some USD 22 million.

The first phase of the new plant will be capable of producing annually 1GW of solar inverters, 10,000 UPS units and 1,000 modular data centre units. The second phase will be dedicated to the production of CATL energy storage systems and charging pile products for electric vehicles.

“In the future, KSTAR Vietnam will focus on international customers, helping the head office to expand overseas markets. It will gradually build an overseas high-tech manufacturing base, integrating R&D, production and sales to provide an enhanced level of service for customers,” commented Mr. Wang, a KSTAR project manager.

In addition to its energy storage focus, the company also has plans to expand the production capacity of a number of data centres in Vietnam, covering energy products such as UPS and residential inverters.