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4 Tips to Prepare Your Server Room to Beat the Heat in Summer

Summer has arrived and high temperatures can be a challenge for some server rooms. Here are 4 tips to prepare your server room to beat the heat.

- Tidy up the server room to increase airflow

A neater room will increase airflow.

- Employ regularly scheduled maintenance of your precision air conditioner

You should perform regular maintenance such as cleaning the coils of your condenser and checking the refrigerant charge levels to ensure your cooling system performs well.
- Optimize your thermal management strategy

You need to good monitoring of your server room temperature and improve the cooling efficiency.

- Replace the CRAC units if they are out of date

Heat can permanently damage your IT equipment and result in major data loss. To avoid your server room overheating remember to replace the old or damaged cooling system in time. At Kstar, we use the best cooling technology to save your cooling bills in Summer. Contact us if you need help:sales@kstar.com.