server room refurbishment 

It is pain when upgrading your server room due to the messy wiring. Any server room refurbishment work needs careful and expert planning so all business services are maintained at all times unless you have our all-in-one data center, which can Greatly improve the shortcomings of the traditional server room. For example, the branch in Zhejiang used our integrated data center solution to transform their traditional computer room and make a great sucess, which exceed their expectations.

server room upgrade


1.Lots of dust, messy wiring, and high hidden danger of insects and rodents, which can easily damage the equipment;
2. Refrigeration equipment is not a precision air conditioner, which has poor temperature&humidity control and poor stability;
3. There is no perfect monitoring and alarm system, no person on duty, and failures cannot be responded in time;
4. There is no lightning protection and fire fighting equipment, and the safety protection ability is weak.
5. Difficult to expand with business growth.


ICBC's branch adopts our IDU-10AO unit, including 1 power cabinet and 2 IT cabinets, standard 10KVA rack-mounted high-frequency UPS, rack-mounted power distribution module, monitoring system, and the overall solution can achieve rapid deployment and high efficiency. It's also Energy-saving, safe and reliable.The installation takes only one day (the actual working hours in two stages, a total of 10 hours).

server room refurbishment by kstar


Improved Air Flow 
Create Consistency in Temperatures
Reduce Energy Costs
Easy to Monitor and  Expansion

Kstar 42u data center solution

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