The customer is a multinational conglomerate based in Asia, Its major businesses are food products, shopping, construction,  finance, amusement parks, and so on. It owns a number of supermarket chains and duty-free shops. As the business constantly increases, the amount of service data in the local area is soaring. Therefore, the customer urgently needs to find a more efficient and reliable data center integration solution.


Kstar was selected as their only data center solution provider for its rich supporting solutions such as UPS, power distribution and excellent precision cooling. In 2019,11 sets of IDU(All in one data center) ,13 IT cabnet, 26 PDU were installed in 3 supermarket and 14 sets of IDU was installed in its beverage company,duty free shop and so on. Because all components of the data center are prefabricatedin factories. Kstar has completed onsite deployment of the data center within one week, which minimizes the impact on normal business process of the supermarkets, shopping stores, etc.

super market data center solution

IDU solution for mirco data centers

Customer benefit

Cut Rental Cost&Electrcity bills

Compared with the traditional data center construction which needs  large floor space,Kstar All-in-one module IDU saves more than 40-50% of the space by integrated all the components. The reduction of the floor area brings a real reduction in rental costs; 

What's more, the cooling systems are the main item of consumption in a data center.So the sealed channel makes full use of cooling capacity, thereby reduces the power consumption and Electrcity bills 

Improving cash flow

Prefabricated modules inherently allow for scalable growth of IT infrastructure and the flexibility to adjust the design and size of future phases of deployment. Capital investments can be deferred, improving cash flow.

Remote Management  

Multi-stage monitoring system of Dynamic Environment enables more monitoring access points in the data center,   which is more simple,intelligent,flexible and efficient.

Unique highlights of Kstar's ALL IN ONE data center solution 

1. Reliable:  all key components(UPS, cooling, PDU, monitoring system, etc.) are self-developed and produced to ensure the consistency of the supply cycle;
2. Abundant Products:  various product lines, wide selection of products,solutions can quickly meet your needs;
3. Modular Design:  rapid deployment and replication; 
4. Industry-leading PUE, Kstar IDU has lower PUE 1.3, help you save the electricity bills and protect the environment.
5. Plug-in UPS design, high efficiency!

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