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With more of the world using online services, growth of edge computing, and  increasing digitization, the need for data centers is booming. However, global data center builders are facing high costs of electricity and limited space in which to expand, making CMDC (Container data center) appealing. Container data center is a kind of Performance-Optimized data center (POD) that integrates power infrastructure, cooling and IT power distribution to deliver flexibily that can be placed on roofs, in mines, in parking lots, etc. It is widely used as a disaster recovery data center (DR) data center or temporary & permanent data center.

Customer Value

Free up space
Mobile container data centers are compact and take up far less space than traditional buildings no matter the location. They are specially designed for optimal performance and have a higher density per rack than conventional data facilities.

Easy to deploy 
Kstar data center containers are built and tested in the factory. All subsystems, such as UPS, power distribution, battery, cooling, racks and more, are well integrated, which enables quick construction.

Faster scalability 
With the fully modularized design concept, container data centers are highly flexible and much easier to expand or reconfigure than traditional data centers. If you are looking for a backup data center or temporary data center, container server room is a cost-effective choice.

Made energy efficient
Cooling can represent up to 40% of a data center’s total energy consumption. For this reason, the IDB data center solution adopts hot/cold aisle containment architecture and high-efficient in-row cooling to increase cooling capacity utilization and eliminate hot spots. 

Solution Structure Chart

container data center Solution Structure Chart

KSTAR is a leading portable data center container manufacturer with vast range of container data center solutions to reduce your construction cost. E-mail us sales@kstar.com for more information.

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