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To meet the demand of high power density & low PUE in the future, Kstar releases a new generation smart modular data center solution with complete integration of power supply, distribution systems, battery, cooling system, fire-proctection,cabinets and etc.With modular design for all components, factory pre-installation, pre-test and whole-package transportation, field installation requires only basic combined cabinet assembly.

Customer Value

Energy saving

Compared to traditional data centers, the cooling efficiency of a modular data center (also named Performance Optimisitic Data Center) is increased by more than 12%. The PUE drops to less than 1.3 thanks to the combination with the chilled-water and free cooling systems.

Rapid deployment and expansion
Prefabricated Modular Data Center takes the development time down from years to months

Security and Intelligence
To reduce the O&M cost, data center manufacturer has introduced the automatic operation and maintenance of data centers, enhancing the operation and maintenance efficiency and improve customer experience. The system also strengthens the security of the data center!

modular data center design

Solution Structure Chart
 modular data center structure

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